Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to volunteer?
Work can include serving at concerts and fundraisers or working on special projects.
- Guild members who cannot work 12 hours, but wish to remain on the guild member roster, may contact the program manager for an alternative plan.
Jess Bess -
How will I know about concerts and events?
Our communications are by e-mail.
- We send group e-mails and some people may have filters that send them to “spam mail.” It is important that you check your spam regularly for NMPhil e-mails.
- If you have signed up to work a concert or other event, key information will come via e-mail; be sure to check regularly the week prior to the concert/event.
- When you receive an e-mail asking you to respond, please do so right away.
How do I sign up for an event?
NMPhil guild members will receive a link to Signup Genius by email.
1. Click on the link to Signup Genius.
2. Information on the event plus with a list of volunteer types will be provided for you to choose from. 
a. Click on the volunteer role you want to sign up for.
b. Click on "Sign Up" on the bottom left. (If you are not registered with Signup Genius, you will have to register first.)
c. A confirmation will be displayed.
d. You will receive a confirming e-mail.
3. Please DO NOT sign up for everything on the schedule. It is important that more of our guild members have the opportunity to work. Sign up for one or two and wait to see if all positions are filled.
4. About a week before the event, if some positions are not filled, an e-mail reminder will be sent out.
Once I've signed up, what happens?
The guild member team leaders will each be in charge of the concerts/events to which they have been assigned.
• The team leader for the concert or event for which you are signed up will send out an e-mail with details on the concert, time to appear, job assignments, etc.
• Be sure to check your e-mail the week of the event to ensure that you have the information you need.
• If you have a question, please e-mail or call your team leader for that concert or event.
What do I wear?
Our dress code for concerts and most events is black and white in a number of combinations.  NMPhil sashes and name tags are provided. 
• For men, white or black shirt and black pants. Any color tie is fine if you wish to wear one.
• For women, any combination of black/white, including prints.
• Always dress professionally (no sports attire); please remember that you are an extension of the NMPhil.
• Other events, such as zoo concerts and social events may require different attire. Guild members will be advised as needed.
What do guild members do?
There are a number of roles guild members can fill for concerts and other events. Please see below for detailed information.
Do I get to enjoy the concerts?
If extra seating is available, yes. This also depends on venue. 
Most of our guild members on duty are able to choose vacant seats near the back of each venue just before the concert begins. Occasionally, some of us will be setting up receptions or having other duties rather than attending the performance. During intermission, guild members should head back to the lobby to resume their duties as greeter or hand out information at the NMPhil table. 

NMPhil Guild

Things are changing at the Guild.

The NMPhil's Front of House lead, Jess Bess, will be leading the volunteers starting this season.

Details are still being worked on, so stay tuned! 

If we need volunteers, we will send out a request via Sign-up Genius.



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