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Download, fill out, and email to guild@nmphil.org

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Welcome, Guild Members!


Thank you for your commitment to the New Mexico Philharmonic! Guild Members are a critical component of our success, and your efforts are much appreciated. Here is how it works:
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Guild Member Roles

NMPhil Guild Members play a very important role in the overall success of concerts and events. Without you, the NMPhil would be greatly constrained in the successful operation of the many areas in which additional personnel are needed. So, THANK YOU!
Each volunteer assignment will have a specified arrival time and suggested attire. It is important that you arrive when expected to learn about the venue and your assignment specific to the concert or event.
Which would work for you?
Concert volunteers play a major role in the experience of the attendees. Greeted with a friendly smile, helped in locating their seats, and shared information about the NMPhil's many performances and activities all make a big difference in how the audience perceives the organization.
• Position in the lobby of the venue.
• Welcome attendees as they arrive.
• Ask them if they are on our mailing list to receive information and if they are interested in becoming Guild Members.
- If not on our list, please sign them up (you will have a clipboard and forms). Encourage connection with the NMPhil!
- If they're interested in volunteering, please take them to the NMPhil table where more information is available, plus they can sign up or onsite if they wish.
• Ask them if they know about other upcoming events/programs (information may be different each time). If they don’t, refer them to the NMPhil table for information, ticket sales, or other programs.
Ticket Scanners (not at Popejoy)
• Learn to operate the simple ticket scanner (most likely your own phone). Guild Coordinator (Jess) will walk you through this. 
• Greet each attendee with a smile and scan their ticket.
• Refer the attendee to the ushers for questions about their seat llocation.
Ushers (not at Popejoy)
• Greet attendees and check their tickets.
• Take them to their seats or, if they prefer, direct them.
• Seat late arrivals at appropriate times - this is done in coordination with Front of House Staff. 
• At the end of the concert, gather at the exits and thank them for coming.
• Gather remaining programs and bring them to the NMPhil table for reuse at our next event. 
NMPhil Tables
• Offer a friendly smile and a greeting as attendees are in the NMPhil table area.
• Greet attendees politely! Chat with them about the various NMPhil offerings. 
• Sign people for tickets, events, drawings, etc.
Drivers for Guest Musicians
Transport visiting Conductors or Musicians from Airport to and from Hotel, Rehearsals, and Concerts.  You will be provided parking passes and will be allowed to hear the concert.


This typically requires:
- A clean, reliable car.
- Willingness to transport guest artists and conductors to and from the airport, hotel, rehearsal, and performance, media, orchestral, and social engagements. 
- Reliability is essential in this role. A detailed itinerary with pick-up and drop-off times, addresses, and contact information is provided, and must be followed to the tee. 
Rehearsals are during the week usually 7:30 -10pm and Friday 5 - 7:30 (you'd typically arrive one hour before and leave right at the end.) Saturday commitments are typically ALL Day (dress rehearsal in the AM, pre-concert lecture, concert, post-concert dinner) and Sunday most of the day, depending on whether there is a Musical Fiesta or airport drop-off. If there is a Sunday Musical Fiesta, you are invited to stay for the event (and welcome to volunteer to work it, if you would like).  
The benefits of this are:
- Spending time and getting to know the guest artists from all over the world. 
- Attending the rehearsals while you wait (which is an incredibly exclusive thing, most of the rehearsals are closed). 
- Parking at Popejoy hall -either in a backstage spot or a paid for parking garage spot. 
If you are interested in being a driver, please contact:
Nancy Pressley-Naimark, Office Manager 
New Mexico Philharmonic
office: 505-323-4343



We are always in need of licensed alcohol servers!  

If you'd like to help in this capacity,

we will be happy to reimburse you for the cost of your license.  


Receptions/Other Events
The NMPhil holds several private donor dinners, receptions, and other social events during the year, and we supply Guild Members to help. Tasks may be setting dinner tables, washing dishes afterward, or greeting. 
A number of other events may be held in homes, the NMPhil office, or other facilities. They may be casual or more formal but all are important to the ongoing support of the NMPhil. The duties vary depending on the type of event. At times, we participate as an exhibitor at various events. If you are interested in working some of these social and public events, please indicate so on your information sheet
Office Projects
Fill in at front desk, various other projects - such as preparing gift bags for our annual springtime Gala. 

NMPhil Guild

Things are changing at the Guild.

The NMPhil's Front of House lead, Jess Bess, will be leading the volunteers starting this season.

Details are still being worked on, so stay tuned! 

If we need volunteers, we will send out a request via Sign-up Genius.



Contact Nancy at office@nmphil.org for more information.

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