Guild Member Code of Conduct

I. Introduction and Background


As a guild member with the New Mexico Philharmonic (NMPhil), your time and energy are greatly valued by the NMPhil's musicians, board, and staff. We appreciate your contributions as a guild member because they are important to the NMPhils's long-term success as an organization, and we want your experience to be rewarding. At the same time, it is important to us that your volunteer service reflects well on the NMPhil and expresses values of excellence as you interact with the staff, other guild members, and our audiences and general public.


With that in mind, this Code of Conduct (Code) is intended to ensure that all guild members understand their roles and responsibilities, and to provide you with a guide for acceptable behavior as you conduct your volunteer assignments and in all interactions related to your position as an NMPhil guild member.


II. Agreement


In light of the foregoing, I, the undersigned, hereby agree that while serving as a guild member for the NMPhil, I will:


1. Remain subject to this Code, which covers my attitude, demeanor, and behavior.


2. Agree to take on assignments, without compensation in the form of payment, and will perform my assigned duty according to set standards.


3. Conduct myself in a professional and polite manner at all times while representing the NMPhil, whether in an assigned role or as a member of the group. I recognize that I am part of a team and will act accordingly.


4. Dress in a manner suitable to the volunteer assignment I have been given, as may be reasonably determined by the NMPhil’s guild member leaders.


5. Be fully responsible for reporting to my assigned team leader in a timely manner and, if I am unable to fulfill my obligations to the NMPhil, I will attempt to find a substitute guild member. I will not simply fail to show up without notice.


6. Abstain from or avoid the following:


a. Cell phone use, except in an emergency. If a situation requires being on the phone, I will excuse myself and ask a colleague to take my place for a few minutes.


b. Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs; consuming alcohol or drugs while actively on duty.


c. Using inappropriate language, including swearing and other offensive words.


d. Smoking within sight of those attending the event.


e. Discussing or revealing private information about the NMPhil, its staff, or other guild members, or otherwise engaging in gossip.


f. Soliciting funds or other resources from anyone involved in the NMPhil.


g. Conflicts with staff, other guild members or the public. If situations arise that are difficult to handle, I will immediately seek help from the team leader to handle the situation.


7. Bring to the task my unique assets and contributions and will use them to enrich the project on which I am working with my colleagues; I will recognize and honor the unique assets and contributions of my fellow guild members.


8. Immediately inform my team leader if I become unable to perform my duties for any reason. I will ask for assistance if needed. 


NMPhil Guild

Things are changing at the Guild.

The NMPhil's Front of House lead, Jess Bess, will be leading the volunteers starting this season.

Details are still being worked on, so stay tuned! 

If we need volunteers, we will send out a request via Sign-up Genius.



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